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Selective Internet Connection?

Mr Andrewson

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Okay, my friend is having problems with his internet, i just thought maybe we could help him out by solving his problem, he made a thread about it on this forum:


He says he formatted his PC and now his internet will only load certain pages, someone suggested a proxy setup but he doesn't like them, so what can solve his problem?

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When a computer is compromised, it's some times the case that the attacker would stop people from going to web sites that might stop the attacker. They do this by using the hosts file to point (for example) microsoft.com at The hosts file is located at C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts. Post it's contents here if you don't mind.

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The system could be completely clean, but the hosts file could still be changed. Depending on the AV software, it would just come up as having been changed, not that it has an infection. I once got hit with a virus (don't ask) and my virus scan just said that my hosts file,kernel, and a couple of other files had been "changed". Get him to check out the contents of the hosts file like Sparda suggested. Technically the only entry he needs in there is the localhost entry.

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