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Pictures Of You!


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we sit alone with bleary square eyes,

caffeine fuelled, at ease,

watch the outside world ignore,

our pleasant destinies,

another world we've built ourselves,

we create and we destroy,

the outside world deems us unsocial,

just playing with our toys,

alone, yet all connected,

we all log on, submit,

discuss the world at large online,

together we created this,

with your IP and username,

you have exclusive right,

to access this exclusive club,

while we all live at night.

man, I can't write this time of the morning!

And people say that us geeks can't make poems and stuff... it's just not generally our area.

P.S. I might post a pic of myself sometime... I just need to find a free moment when my hair isn't all over the place(I just got a haircut the other day and it looks really nerdy).

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hehe if you guys are lucky i might post a few of my poems but they are from when i was deppressed so they aren't entirely happy or there about naughty thing *picks halo up from around neck and puts it back over head points see halo! INNOCENT!* Maybe we should make a thread about poems/art we've done?

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yeah that'd be cool if you did feel like posting some of your creative musings, and yeah maybe we should have somewhere to put our creative stuffs... I think that could be quite nice :)

*coughs and points politely* - erm... kainchick? halo... slipping... ;)

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VaKo, you are my hero. Nice photoshopping. And welcome to the insanity kainchick. When I'm not playing Darren on Hak.5 I'm playing mother goose on the forums.

Wait, I mean, screw it you know what I mean.

Note: I just realized there is a distinct difference in the insanity that takes place on the forums and IRC. Both are quite interesting to observe and compare.

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heheh I'll take that as... a neutral comment ;)

I must say though that I myself am not keen on it some days... depends on my mood and I think it's kind of an acquitred taste anyhow, so...

Besides that, I'm using Paint Shop Pro as opposed to Photoshop, which gets me by but I really should switch to PS sometime for good... I've used it but keep slipping back to PSP...

@VaKo: Hope you're gonna delete that photo, since KainChick didn't give you permission to take that photo ;)

@KainChick: I didn't see it... I don't think anyone else did... *nudges VaKo*

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ha yes! cause that can be a very big lawsuit^^ cause yes ive been trying to explain to my Chain of command for jrotc "No i cannot post pictures on the website" Other people: "why" me: "big lawsuit i need permission slips i dont want to face any angry parents." other people:" cant you hack to get around that?" *hits head* some people are not that bright. though if he does have that picture the question is...whats he goona do with it? :wink: oh and thanks darren.^^ happy to be here.

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whats he goona do with it?

I dread to think, but I'm guessing it's gonna be going through Photoshop ;)

Yeah I know what you mean! People don't seem to understand copyright and other such issues which can be a rear-end based annoyance... they can be vaguely amusing, but sometimes it's a little tough to hold your tounge when they're persistant...

I'm doing work experience with a youth service down here in England and we have to be very careful about using pictures of the kids on activities and stuff... it's usually ok, but all you need is one time when someone didn't get permission and you could have a problem...

edit: @Vako: erm.. not sure... try it and see ;)

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I dread to think, but I'm guessing it's gonna be going through Photoshop :wink:

what were you thinking :wink: my thoughts were compleatly innocent (so maybe my mind is a tidbit in the gutter it doesnt make me a bad person)

Most likley though, whatever he comes out with I'd like to see. I'll try and post a better picture when I actually have my computer and not my portal Harddrive with my promotion pictures on it. So if you want to take the pictures ive posted already and go photoshop them go for it. But in a few days i'll try and get a even better one up. where you can see me in my usual clothing.

::edit::but vako what would you do with the picture uploaded onto mutiple serves?

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oh... well we're colourful in a different way here :D

In fact, if you searched my posts, you'd see that just earlier today I *hummed Somewhere Over The Rainbow*!

:| ... Play guitar + Geek = Dyke? I think not! For a start, I know at least two other people on here who play guitar and are geeks, but are guys... so that doesn't work... and also, why do you have to wear pink and trendy tracksuits to be straight and female these days?!


I never said that... that wasn't a rant... really... (and I think it more applies to us over here in the UK really...)

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ha yes i did see that...funny thing. My instructor when first met me decided to call my rainbow. So my nickname is rainbow. if you say my real name he looks at you and goes...who? though he was alive back through the civil war and is very easy to get him off topic. Mention chevy trucks and there goes that days lesson and maybe part of your next class.

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