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Pictures Of You!


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:O a girl! wow :P

Must.. resist... sarcasm... can't...

Holy shit! You're right! Without you no-one would have noticed it Melodic!!!!

Nah, just joking, I know you meant that in a sarcastic way, and I've been resisting making "Welcome aboard Soldier!" cracks all night.

Seriously though, welcome Kainchick, you'll definately go insane here.

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lol its ok. I get that alot on most forums i become apart of the whole "GIRL!". Well atleast its the welcome aboard soldier and not pickle! or the other random comments my friends make. ha! and as for the insane part ive been a member for a LONG time. And atleast you guys are being sarcastic about hiding most of the time i get ..."can i get your phone number?"

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lol well I for one am glad to have girls on board in this scene, I think it needs a few more females so welcome again!

glad you still take comments in good humour, I'm sure you do get plenty... I guess we all do but moreso for girls... ho-hum - comes with the territory I s'pose...

hope you enjoy your stay!

*returns to /.*

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Yes VaKo, but who says I'm a girl people want to be around? and i like humor! so as long as their not compleatly horrible jokes. though i don't get alot of decent comments...which annoys me. But counting all comments i do get quite a few. and I will enjoy my stay ^^

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woo one vote! We should start a poll...! just kidding. Not enough people know me. Plus im sure there are other girls somewhere on this board. and as for the whole negitvite comments thing. I'm sure some people target and others don't depends im guessing.

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meh... well either way, I think we should all stick together in our little world we create - and the great thing is we choose what goes in, comes out or gets thrown away :D

we sit alone with bleary square eyes,

caffeine fuelled, at ease,

watch the outside world ignore,

our pleasant destinies,

another world we've built ourselves,

we create and we destroy,

the outside world deems us unsocial,

just playing with our toys,

alone, yet all connected,

we all log on, submit,

discuss the world at large online,

together we created this,

with your IP and username,

you have exclusive right,

to access this exclusive club,

while we all live at night.

man, I can't write this time of the morning!

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