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What are the best Kali supported wifi adapters in 2021 ?


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Hello friends good to be here !  I found the forum using a duckduck search :)


I wanted to ask the experts, what are some good Alfa adapters with 5ghz capability, that work smoothly and effortlessly on Kali ? It's ok if I have to manually install drivers, but I don't want to do much more than that because then I can't scale this purchase to multiple workstations :)

It needs to be able to listen, and also inject at a reasonable success rate. 


Also, on the Products section of this very site, there is a "Pineapple" adapter for not much more than an Alfa.

In short, can this replace an alfa completely, and what are the added benefits ? 


Thanks much, 



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Well, even if there is a bunch of experienced ppl on this forum, I guess the Kali questions will better be answered by the Kali community. However, I have used the Alfa AWUS1900, but now more often use an adapter/NIC with the same chipset as the Alfa AWUS036ACM (MT7612U).

Not really sure what you mean when you refer to "a Pineapple adapter". Can you link it? Is it the AC module for the Mk7 Pineapple?


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