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C2 Recon Feature STILL Not Working


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I made the choice to upgrade to the new model but kind of regretting my decision. 
For whatever reason I upgraded to the new model thinking the recon feature will be fixed but realizing it must be something im doing wrong.

I'm now expected to ship this off by next week for an engagement using C2 and I still cant get the C2 recon feature to work, everything else works just fine including SSH.
Please help me fix this so I dont have to try and make an alternative or something.. 


Please help me address this issue.

I am using the new pineapple Mk.Vii on version 1.0.1 and C2 version 3.0.2
Pineapple has a direct ethernet connection to make client setup easier. But can also have a wifi connection if needed.
Tried updating the Mk.Vii to beta version 1.0.2 and it still does NOT work. 


c2 error log only says the following:

[1610140681 DEAD         MAIN ]  CC-Config does not exist at the path given as argument

2021-01-08 12_16_53-Window.png


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