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Bash Bunny Package and Distro Updates


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There are a number of packages I would like to update for my Bash Bunny. I use a variety of programming languages on my Bash Bunny, especially:

  • Python 3 (3.7 and up.)
  • GCC (5.0 and up.)
  • GoLang (1.14 and up.)
  • Lua (5.3 is there, but the latest is always nice.)


I know the firmware images I'm using are based on Debian, but I'm not sure if there is a way I can get the latest packages without the risk of running software that isn't supported by the Bash Bunny.


@Sebkinne and @Darren Kitchen, considering there hasn't been an update to the firmware since August 2019, can you please advise how best to proceed without borking anything? Thanks all! 🙂

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