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Fully automate your recon, de-authing, handshake capturing and cracking!


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This simple PHP script is an aggressive war-driver for the Hak Wifi Pineapple Mark VII to fully automate your recon, de-authing and handshake capturing. Turn this thing on, take your Pineapple for a walk around town, and collect those handshakes without any effort.

Pair this with ohc-api.sh to auto-submit your captures to onlinehashcrack.com for free, hands-off cracking. Just run it on a cron and check your inbox 🙂


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Many thanks for the ohc-api.sh. That works great ! 

However, as regards the war-driver php script, could you please explain how to use it ? Maybe my question can look a bit stupid but I have no clue how to use/install it on the pineapple. Many thanks by advance  

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Sure, friend.  This can (should) be run from your local machine and not on the Wifi Pineapple itself.  It utilizes the Hak5 REST API to make calls to the device in a workflow derived specifically for aggressively capturing handshakes. 

Requirements - PHP 7+


git clone git://github.com/sailboat-anon/wifi-pineapple-war-driver.git

nano war-driver.php

Modify $config to match the server, port, username, password for your Wifi Pineapple.


php war-driver.php

This workflow is started:

- set pineAP settings to AGGRESSIVE, broadcasting, allowing connections, auto-restart, etc
- run recon for 90 seconds, identify all APs with associated clients
- start handshake capture
- de-auth all clients related to AP, repeat 20 seconds later; total 2 mins
- handshakes captured, available for use
- repeat: move to next AP with associated clients, de-auth, etc.
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Unzip the folder go to > wifi-pineapple-war-driver-master>war-driver.php (WITH NOTPAD++)Or what ever you like n


$config = array(
    'server_ip' => "",  nothing to change 
    'server_port' => 1471,   here put the "" >"1471"
    'admin_user' => "root", leave it alone 
    'admin_password' => "password" Your pass to login.... save it 

then open a terminal type " war-driver.php " and should be good to go for a drive 😛

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