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Workflow question regarding connecting to pineapple and 'net


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I'm new to the pineapple as a pentest and exploration device. I've set up the basics using the USB connection to a Windows machine and have encountered some weird issues - which is probably due to Windows. Regardless, I would like to hear about the way people interact with their pineapple during "normal ops".

Here is what happened to me:

  1. Plugged MkVII into USB port on windows machine. That machine was currently connected to my home WiFi. Windows recognized it as an Ethernet adapter without access to the internet.
  2. I was able to ping the Pineapple and access the UI via Chrome (so, over the LAN created via the USB connection) and also browse the internet via my WiFi (obviously my wifi interface).
  3. After setting up the MkVII and playing around with setting up an open network (and verifying it worked via a smartphone), I disabled the open network (again, on the MkVII) and things then got wonky:
    1. My windows machine was unable to connect to the internet at this point. It claimed to be connected to my WiFi home network, but apparently was not able to get access to anything out in the wild (routing issue?)
    2. I toggled off/on my WiFi on the windows machine and it found my home AP and connected. Yet still unable to see the internet.
    3. I powered down the MkVII and disconnected. At this point, my connection to the internet was re-established.

I was hoping that this method of connecting both to the Pineapple through the USB LAN connection along with keeping my AP connection would be a common way for me to interact/configure/monitor the MkVII - but, given what I witnessed above, may not be feasible. That being said:

Has anyone else encountered this type of behaviour?

How do you typically interact with the management side of the Pineapple when in a "home" setting? I'm not necessarily thrilled with the idea of having to connect to that management SSID on the Pineapple because it will then kick me off my home AP.

Anyway - I would love to hear how your workflow...works.

Oh - and HAPPY NEW YEAR.  BuhBye 2020. 

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I actually did not use the ICS procedure that you referenced - that wasn't my intent (at least I don't think) - but maybe Microsoft is doing that for me.


My thought process was to use that Ethernet over USB connection solely to access the MkVII for admin purposes. I configured the Pineapple to be a MITM device using my home AP as its internet source. 

So clients attach to the open network on the MkVII and gain access to my home AP via that other network interface.  I did not intend my windows machine to be any part in the middle-man network, just using it to monitor the Pineapple.


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