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Open AP. Rouge AP.

Nath Inosanta

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Hi Everyone!

Im a newbie in terms of hacking. I just recently purchased the Wifi Pineapple Mark 7 and I can't seem to make it work when setting it up. I set up the Open AP then I gathered multiple ssid from recon around the area but when I'm trying to connect to those SSID's it keep on saying unable to connect to the network. I appreciate all the help! thank you!

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What are you trying to accomplish? I guess you want to mimic those gathered SSIDs using your Mk7. Have you set up filters on your Pineapple so that it's possible to access your Mk7 using those SSIDs? Are you too close to the real SSIDs so that your connection attempts are actually trying to connect to the real SSIDs instead of your fake ones?

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