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What do you recommend for a new beginner?


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Hi, I'm an enthusiast of internet security and have decided to study the possibilities of wireless hacking, from a pure ethical and eager-to-know-more perspective. I'm willing to put the time to study and I'm ready tobuy for what it needs to be bought. Being said all that... do you recommend to buy the wifi pineapple right at the beginning, as a starting point to learning wireless hacking? If so:

      · What about the bugs that people talk about in this forum. Should I wait and see if it gets improved/fixed/updated?

      · Do you think one should start learning from something else?

 I appreciate your feedback.


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I don't know if it's a good thing to advise not to buy Hak5 devices on a Hak5 forum, but of course there are alternative paths to glory. Since I own a lot of Hak5 devices, I can just say that they are good. Bugs is always a part of the picture, especially when it's new devices such as the Mk7. Anyway, you could start with a simple PC and a home grade router as well. Learn the basics of networking first and you will be ready to use other tools soon. There are myriads of resources out there to dive into in order to elevate your knowledge. Even though Hak5 stuff is designed to be easy to use, there is always a need of basic knowledge to get full use of the gear. I see way too many ppl that haven't got the basic knowledge which will only lead to frustration and disappointment. You can't buy your way to success. Just by possessing cybersec gear won't automatically make you a skilled cybersec pro. There's no "easy way". It's all about blood, sweat and tears. Fill your backpack with skills and then buy some nice Hak5 things. You will have far more use of them with a good foundation. Or... you can always buy some Hak5 equipment if you have money itching in your pockets and learn in parallel to using "ordinary" tools and stuff.

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