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WiFi Pineapple Remains Offline In Cloud C2

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Hi All,

I have been having a pretty hard time getting my new Mark VII Pineapple to successfully connect to my Cloud C2 platform. I believe I have all the correct ports open, and if I am SSH'd into the pineapple I can ping confirming I have internet access. I am unable to ping my VPS (amazon lightsail) which is where I am hosting my Cloud C2 instance. I have confirmed that my device.config file is in the proper directory on my pineapple.

I have TCP Ports 22,80,443,2022,8080 open on my VPS.

Anyone else experience an issue like this?



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I am also having basically the same issue.  Im just running the Cloud C2 server locally and I can connect to it, add a device (wifi pinapple VII) then download my device.config file.  I have the wifi pineapple using ICS and it has connectivity as when on its browser gui I can successfully update the news and download modules etc.  At that point I go into its settings and upload the device.config file.  The file has properly uploaded because the browser displays the message "This device is enrolled in a Cloud C2 instance. Management from this local interface has been disabled".  At that point after a reboot its supposed to show up in Cloud C2 but it never does.

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