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I have tried everything to get kismet working with my usb gps on this wifi pineapple mrk7 anyone have a walkthrough? It seems impossible . I have tried to install gpsd on the pineapple but it gives me all types of errors saying that I can not use opkg to install the gpsd packages because of the pineapples version even tho it is fully updated right out of the box. I have tried to use kismet on my kali linux distro but kismet had and update and no longer outputs files as netxml so I can upload the wardrive to google maps. If anyone has an updated walkthrough on how to wardrive with kismet and usb gps lmk! All the ones that exist currently are for the old kismet!

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Don't know of any "alpha adapter", but you probably mean Alfa Network. That, however, says nothing. Alfa is not a thing, it's a brand with a lot of different products. It's often mentioned though as if it was a single product which is not correct. In any way, you will need a GPS adapter. I have a UBlox7 GPS device and it works along with the Mark VII. Haven't tried it with Kismet on the Mark VII specifically, but since the adapter is working on the Mark VII (with gpsd) it should be available to Kismet as well. Not sure I would want to run Kismet on the Pineapple though for performance reasons. In that case use the Pineapple to gather info and then process it all on some other device to which the Pineapple sends Kismet information.

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