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Cable range


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It depends. There are lots of options due to how flexible the O.MG Cable is.

If you just care about triggering a payload at maximum range, a higher powered antenna with the IF_PRESENT SSID payload trigger will get over 1000 feet.

In AP mode, the last time I tested outdoor line-of-sight, I saw ~300 feet using a smartphone (which is going to have a weak antenna compared to other options)  

In client mode, effectively infinite range depending on how the wireless network is setup. 


As with all things wireless, it depends on things in your environment that interfere with or block signal. 

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15 hours ago, _MG_ said:

We tested that max range technique in combination with some of the newer cables. Turns out we see over 1 mile!


That's 1.609 kilometres for the metric foke..

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