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Metasploit meterpreter upload error [4]: operation failed: [1] on kali linux and windows but ok with net hunter android


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Hi guys this is manjunath.I have similar issue and i have done some testing.

Am working on Metasploit framework installed on 3 devices.
1.Windows 10.
2.Nethunter OS on android
3.Kali linux virtual machine (Bridge network mode)


I have one more Android device(remote) where msf payload is injected for testing purpose.Lets call it "device B"

All devices are on same LAN network with IPs 192.168.#.#.

Meterpreter session successfully opens on all 3 devices(nerhunter,windows,kali linux).

I can browse files and folders during sessions.

But while uploading and downloading files to remote android device(B) during session, only my nethunter device successfully does the job, but windows and kali linux cannot and throws error below
[4]: operation failed: [1]

Why uploading and downloading is successful on nethunter on android.. and why it is failing on windows and kali linux virtual machine during meterpreter sessions.

Below is the framework.log file for reference.

I think its not issue with Android version of victim or payload,but the OS or network settings itself.

Kindly someone check the log above for reference.

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