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Wii Games To Buy?


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Well, Been getting bored with the two games I've bought for the Wii slowly

Trauma Center: Second Opinion

Wario Ware Smooth Moves

And really no clue where to go next, any suggestions on some good Wii games to buy that anyone has played? I'm thinking Rayman Raving Rabbids next just because it looks completely odd, though so many people are saying its easy/short. Is it a good party game (kinda like Wario Ware is) If anyone has any suggestions on good Wii games to pick up next, post em here.

Also, speaking of Wii stuff... a quick shameless plug of one of the videos I made (Rabbids)


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Rayman Raving Rabbids i would have to give a nay to, pretty much for the reasons u gave, and also for the fact is i dont think u will enjoy it, unless ur like 5-8yo. Ive found Zelda to be worth its price tag, and to be rather addictive, though sadly not as great as what all the " 1 <3 Nintendo" fans say it is.

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Well I played through the Rayman single-player and really didn't like it much, but apparently it's good in multiplayer. Madden NFL 07 is pretty good, Super Monkey Ball has a decent single player and an up and down multiplayer, Excite Truck is a hate it or love it thing, Zelda is really good - get that if you haven't already.

There's a few other games but there's mainly a lot of average stuff right now, lots of games that you might like but would be safer to rent them first. Some good stuff on the virtual console though - mess around with that until the next wave of good games comes out ;)

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Rayman is ok. Jenn claims it's great but I was left unhappy with it. Then again I did get a bugged copy so...

Here's what I've got so far and what I think:


WiiPlay...Meh, worth it if you need another Wiimote. Billiards game is good.

NFS Carbon...Boo, lame.

Excite Truck...Brilliant!

Zelda, Twilight Princess...Awesome, if Zelda's your cup of tea.

Rayman...Meh, half the mini games are good. Kinda short. Some parts gross.

Redsteel...Meh, story sucks, takes time to get used to, easy to put down.

Call of Duty 3...Lame, stay away from. Maybe it's better on the 360.

Tony Hawk's downhill jam...Pretty damn good, control scheme works very well.

GT Pro Series...Totally fun. Totally not worth $50. Solid "toy" racer.

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shamelessly cutting drom aardwolf's post and editing with my opinion :

WiiPlay...Meh, worth it if you need another Wiimote. Billiards game is good.

Excite Truck...(i want but cant get)

Zelda, Twilight Princess...Awesome, (but i'm stuck after killing that bigg plant in 1st temple :,( )

Rayman...not planning on getting it cos of bugs in the game ...

Redsteel...want to try it first , will get it eventually but NOT one i REALLY want

Tony Hawk's downhill jam...just as redsteel i will get it eventually but not a need to have title for me ...

anyone tryed the new splintercell on the wii yet ??

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Zelda is a must if that's your sort of game, it will keep you busy for a while and you can replay it a few times, sadly there's not much in the way of sidequests to keep you busy once you've finished the main story.

Red Steel has frustrating gameplay and a horrid storyline but it still has it's good moments. The level where that guy puts you through his "game" in his funhouse was done excellently, yet there are other levels that were bland and unchallenging for a modern FPS. Likewise there are moments when the gun/sword control feels perfect, yet most of the time it's feels horrible. It certainly has the makings of a great game but it does need a lot more polish. I would recommend people pick it up just so they can catch a glimpse of what could have been possible.

I haven't played Splinter Cell but I've heard the controls aren't that good and it just feels like a last minute port like Call of Duty 3. I'll have to try it out myself before making any judgement. These sorts of games in my opinion are just not suitable for the Wii.

Two games coming out soon that look promising and have gotten good previews are Sonic And The Secret Rings and SSX Blur. I'm still skeptical on how good Sonic will be but I've pre-ordered it anyway. SSX Blur looks like it has great Wii controls and goes back to what made the old SSX games so much fun.

Other games coming soonish after that I've got my eye on are The Godfather: Blackhand Edition, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Blazing Angels: Squadrons Of WWII. Although I haven't really seen enough of these games to make any predictions on what they will be like.

We're still months away from the big titles like the Mario games and Metroid, they're pretty much guaranteed to be great games.

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Yeah, a couple of potentially really good games in the next month:

February 20, 2007 Sonic and the Secret Rings

February 27, 2007 SSX Blur

March 5, 2007 Mario Party 8

They all seem to have gotten good previews, but as you know the final reviews can vary wildly from that. Beyond that there's a whole load of 3rd party stuff - whether any of it will be worth getting or not is still unknown.

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Thanks for all the suggestions everyone, I"ll probably end up picking up Zelda or Rabbids next (still kinda set on Rabbids, not sure why). As for now, just picked up Elderscrolls 3 Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon for PC to keep me entertained til I get enough money to get a few new Wii games (yeah, I'm a poor little Senior lol) Anyway, on an off note, anyone who likes RPGS should really pick up Morrowind, its pretty cool, know that's old news, but its the first time I've gotten to pick it up after it came out.

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I got Morrowind and the expansions when they came out, and I loved them, so many good memories. You should also check out some mods for Morrowind and if you need help http://www.uesp.net is a good resource.

if you're computer can handle it, I suggest getting ESIV: Oblivion.

Back on topic... I bought Excite Truck yesterday and love it!

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I just got my Wii yesterday and I am having a blast with WiiSports and the one Wiimote. Tomorrow I am heading to a couple stores to see if I can actually find another Wiimote on this dam island (Probably not, i am guessing).

Not sure what game I am going to buy but thanks for the tips on what's good and whats not.

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