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Is the Mark VII a better experience than the Tetra?


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1 hour ago, Chicago said:

I bought the Tetra but the support for it very much feels lacking. A lot of plugins and software seems like they were supposed to be for the Mark V but copied over to the Tetra and in general, the Tetra felt very buggy.

I found the tetra hardware really good over the years. Especially when adequately powered.

Plugins or modules as they are known are community made so are not by hak5 directly.  What I found with them was each major firmware revision there were sometimes enough changes that occasionally one or two of the modules broke. Sometimes it was simple fixes or tweaks others required the developer (if still around) to fix. Usually going to the forums and reading the (sometimes whole) relevant modules thread led to the answers.

Now  I have the MK7 and im finding it pretty solid, fast and refined - there have been some teething issues which are being resolved and there are still features being rolled out so things should get even better. But that's new hardware for you, the early adoption period is always "fun".

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I guess the support for the Tetra (and the Nano) will continue to get "lackier" as time goes. They are part of past generations now and won't get official support any longer (see link below). It's of course possible to continue to develop and use modules for them, but my simple guess is that the absolute majority of users will slide over to the Mk7. That's where the future is when it comes to tech ananas. It's like living in a small village, the young seekers move to the flashy cities and the old ppl stays and in that case you have to repair your tractor yourself 😉



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