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LED color change to Blue not working on MK7 Kismet module - pls help!

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I just got the Kismet case mod with the LED module which looks so badass but I'm having trouble changing the LEDs to blue. I tried changing the color to Blue (240 in HSV) and for some reason it goes to a shade of green. I want pulsating blue LEDs and these are my current values: LEDMK7 -a 240,255 -b 240,255. Since Blue is 240 on the HSV why is it defaulting to green? I even tried setting the first LED to blue (LEDMK7 -0 240, 255, 255) and it defaulted to green.

These are the links used: https://www.kismetwireless.net/mk7-led-mod/http://colorizer.org

Not a fan of green at all, but I do like red so the somewhat good news is I was able to change it to red but I noticed after shutting off my MK7 and rebooting it it defaults to its green color again so everytime I turn it on I have to manually set the color to red - is there a way to have this permanent without having to manually change the color after every boot?

But the really strange thing is blue isn't working. Is it a bug? Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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