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If trying to track (geographically) iOS devices using version 14, it can be a bit of a challenge since they randomize mac addresses for that specific reason (making it harder to be tracked as you move). It was (is?) a default feature of Android 10 as well, but not sure if it's enabled by default on other versions. However, I don't really see the use of trying to track (read; stalk) someone with a Kali box. Then you have to be in close proximity, so you will know the location of the individual anyway.

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I gathered that from the original question. What do you mean by track it? What kit do you have available, over what area, give us some more information to work on.

If you are planning to try to track a single phone anywhere in the world from your home, forget it, if you have an array of wireless devices that you can deploy around a target area then there are options.

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