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usb ducky help for the noob


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i have just uploaded a script onto my usb and got nothing. im new and a little stuck here. i have downloaded the usb ducky master and have been using the ducktoolkit.com scripts and nothing. tried a new sd card. can anyone type the walkthrough from start to finish for me plz? much appreciated

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Is this the same problem as the one you posted in a thread less than 24 hours ago or is this something else you need the answer for?



Download duckencoder

Make sure you have access to java on the PC where the USB Rubber Ducky payload script will be converted to an inject.bin file

Create a payload script for the USB Rubber Ducky using a text editor of choice, for example:
DELAY 5000
DELAY 3000
STRING notepad.exe
DELAY 3000
STRING Hello World

Save the file as script.txt (or any name of choice)

Encode the payload script file to an inject.bin file
java -jar duckencoder.jar -i script.txt -o inject.bin

Put an SD card in an SD card adapter/reader

Insert the SD card adapter/reader into the PC on which the inject.bin is located

Remove any existing inject.bin on the SD card

Copy (or move) the newly created inject.bin to the SD card

Eject/unmount the SD card safely

Since the example Ducky script above is a payload that is to be used on a Windows PC, we need just that, a Windows PC

With the Windows PC started and logged on as any user suitable, insert the USB Rubber Ducky in a USB port of the Windows PC

Wait for the payload to execute on the USB Rubber Ducky



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It will be saved where you tell it to be saved when running java to encode the script. If you run it as in my example above, it will be put in the folder where you are located at the moment when executing java. If you want to direct it elsewhere in the file system, you just add the path before "inject.bin", such as; /root/inject.bin

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What test did you run to verify the USB port? Have you tried the Ducky on several computers or just one? The "howto" I posted previously works, so in that case the Ducky might be faulty. Submit a ticket @ the Hak5 Shop for further assistance. I would try the Ducky on more computers than just one first though.

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