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Lan turtle restarting and disconnect by itself


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Hi.  I already buy the lan turtle. And i follow the setup in youtube by hak5  and then i notice after i ssh my lan turtle and updating it. i disconnect the lan turtle and when i try to plug it in again. It seems that its blinking yellow and stop. And blinking yellow and stop. I tried to factory reset but its disconnect and connect and disconnect and connect over and over by itself. Help me please

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12 hours ago, Faisal4950 said:

Help me please

Factory reset will most likely be your only path back. Did you maybe flash the wrong firmware? maybe an upgrade file instead of the recovery file?

You need to try and get to firmware recovery page as shown in the factory reset instructions https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010471134-Factory-Reset

If you still cannot get into a shell/uboot recovery because of bootlooping then your going to struggle to recover that device.

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