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CYB3R M0ND4Y code not working


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I'm just making "qualified" guesses here (and that's perhaps not the answer you want). To be absolutely sure, Hak5 staff needs to answer the questions. If not getting the answers here, I suggest to contact Hak5 Shop directly by submitting a request ticket. My speculation about question 1 is that it's not Monday, it has passed. It was a time limited offer, hence the code not working anymore. Question number 2, if the offer was time limited to just be valid on, or up until, last Monday, there is no fix other than waiting for any possible upcoming offer (might appear on Friday, who knows). My guess about question number 3 is that it is a timer for remaining time until Friday when something new might appear in the shop (such as a new offer). The timer is not all that accurate though, perhaps running on a machine that hasn't been actively adjusted for daylight saving time on the 1st of November which produces a diff for about 1 hour compared to San Fransisco local time (or simply is hosted in another time zone).

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