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UPDATE: NTLM Rainbow Table set (need help!)


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Hello all,

A few weeks ago (months?) I posted that I've been working on some NTLM tables with my personal server. I plan on seeding a .torrent of them to the community when they're finished.

Here's what's going on. I need some advice from the community if you guys feel nice today :). It is valentine's day, after all.

  • I'm working on three sets at once (Index 0,1,2). Each index is about 65% done.
  • I pulled the completed tables off the server today to test them, and they aren't working for some reason. They load up in Cain successfully, but never crack any passwords, even ones that I've previously cracked with a set of LM tables.
  • I could really use some advice - am I using the wrong parameters in generation? Why aren't they finding any plaintexts? I've tested quite a few passwords...at least one should've been cracked.
These are the settings I'm using:

- Table Name: ntlm_all#1-14_0_4500x67108864_oxid#000.rt

- Ten tables per Index (#000.rt - #009.rt)

- Three indexes so far

Any advice...I'm stumped.


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