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2ommorow there's an opening of a used computer fair for gr88 prices from PCz to Laptops ranges are from (100$ for P2 550MHz) and (200$ for laptops)

wt am askin abt any ideas how can get some usefull things from there and mod them mayB?!?!?!?

Any Ideas would be gr888 (the fair is at Cairo :D)

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A P2 laptop with a cheap (eBay) wireless card running Debian with Fluxbox makes a good war driving/walking/riding/whatever rig, as it’s doesn’t matter if you drop it.

P2 computers make good firewalls, routers, AP’s. You could also try and pick up a cheap RAID controller and cheap used hard drives and build yourself a file server. There is also no reason you can't turn one into a mail server, web server or DNS server.

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If you do buy a laptop make sure the battery works, if not then it is nothing more than a small computer. and p2's are great for firewalls or nas boxes

i rescued an old p2 from my schools's dumpster last summer and it has been serving me well for the past 5 months and it has been running constantly at 100% with F@H, and i also generated a rainbow table on it.

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