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Demonseed EDU Build Completion


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Just finished the YouTube video series, and they were all excellent!

I was wondering if there's going to be a video on "finishing" the build of the Demonseed EDU, as in cutting the head off a normal USB cable and soldering the wires to it. I know that those final steps are pretty easy from where the current videos leave off, but I just wanted to see if there were any tips/tricks or "gotchas" before attempting.



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Thank you!

The pandemic basically took away my ability to have enough space to do the videos the way I had been. And it’s massively limited my available time. It’s been 8 solid months with no end in sight. I may have to make a jarring shift in how they are done (not that they are a high quality production thus far). 

Anyway, I’ve been giving tailored instructions on the next step inside the Slack channel for DemonSeed, if you are interested. In short, the final physical assembly depends on decisions you will make around the RF trigger. If you don’t want the RF trigger, then the physical assembly is about as simple as you expect. But you will need some additional code to get data passthrough properly working  



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5 minutes ago, Tweeks said:

The DEMONSEED EDU kits seem to be sold out.. Any idea when they will be available again?

I actually have a ton of them that I could send to the Hak5 warehouse. It just doesn’t feel right to continue selling them with the instruction videos being incomplete for an unknown period of time. 
The current instructions get you something that deploys payloads just fine. The missing pieces are the primitive RF trigger and data passthrough. I guess if that’s ok for people, I can send a few kits off to the warehouse. 

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