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Mark VII Client and SSID filters


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I am new this product and the subject area, learning as I go.  I just got the Mark VII and was able to update the firmware and get connected.  My goal was to limit my pineapple to just my SSID and my target device mac address. However, when I add my target SSID and use a specific mac address under client nothing will connect (SSID lists my SSID and Client lists one of my mac addresses (both set to accept).  When I use it without filtering on, devices do not seem to want to connect easily (SSID and Client both set to deny with nothing listed in the boxes.)  

I have a wireless router with 2.5 and 5ghz. The 5ghz is using WPA personal and i shut off the security for the 2.5 network so i could try this out. 

Question 1: Any thoughts as to why this is happening?

Question 2: The SSID pool: For lack of a better term, if there are SSIDS in the pool, does that mean my pineapple is automatically trying to spoof them? I keep a very close eye on the pool and make sure I quickly remove SSIDs that don't belong.  I assume that if I can get filtering to work that would alleviate me having to worry about the pool.


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Hi @A1A, I am new as well and just wanted to say I'm experiencing the same issue. I filter correctly the SSID I want to focus on, as well as the MAC of one of my phones correctly connected to that allowed spoofed SSID. This appears in the SSID pool but if I go to clients my phone is not there, nothing is there.


I even allowed only that SSID and removed the filter for MAC so it should consider all devices connected to my network, but nothing at all.. I wonder whether we are doing something wrong or our devices are actually "faulty" somehow?? I've read every guide to triple check I'm doing it right, so not sure what else to do. I hope someone replies to this post to clear our doubts 🙂

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