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BIOS skips HD an CD-Drive and boots to MBA aka the network


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I have an old Pentium III 550mhz pc that i use to run as a NAS using Fedora. I am constanly changing it and addind and removing components. I do multiboots and stuff so i can mess around with new distros.

So last week i reformated the second hd with a slax live cd and when it rebooted it immediately booted to the MBA and tried to connect to the network. I have a 3Com network card. I tried another card also 3Com and it does the same. I looked in the BIOS and none of the settings had changed. I have the CD drive selected first then the Hard in the boot menu. I de-selected the Network boot and floppy. I am very familiar with that BIOS and made sure that the settings were right.

I tried another 3Com and it did the same thing so it wasn't the card. Then i removed the Network card altogether and it booted normally.

Then yesterday i went through my parts bin and found another network card that wasn't a 3Com. My pc booted perfectly and i was able to access the network. I don't understand what it was. I even went back into the BIOS and found that none of the setting were any different than with the 3Com. I was wondering what caused that. I had used the original 3Com for the last year and a half.

Any info would be great!!

The Mobo is an Asus P3B-F

Pen. III 550Mhz

512 RAM

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