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O.MG Cable vs. Demonseed EDU


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Totally nuub here and I have been really interested in the O.MG cable for quite some time. I was wondering if any one could tell me what the exact benefits of having a O.MG cable over a Demonseed EDU would be? I mean clearly the description of the D3monseed says that it would take 100 seeds to match the power of a actual O.MG cable but i was just curious as to what that really meant. Just looking for more insight before I decide to buy anything. 

Also, i'm not a total piece of shit. I understand that a demonseed is a DIY mod that allows you to make any charger a payload injector. Just want to clarify in case I start getting trolled for my nub ass question. 

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The question is what is your need and what are your constraints? O.MG is for field use. DemonSeedEDU is for learning. 

DemonSeedEDU is basically the bare minimum for a malicious cable by using very primitive techniques. Everyone who has assembled the kit has had an increased appreciation for O.MG.

O.MG looks identical to the target cable (better for Evil Maid/leave behind/etc), has 250x more storage space for payloads, 802.11 radio, onboard web server, payloads you can modify and trigger via wifi, boot payloads, location awareness, controllable via web UI/python/etc, self destruct, payload compiling happens on-the-fly, uses DuckyScript, etc  


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Hell of a job you did here, I love how you broke down the hardware for the EDU.  I've been doing a lot of work on the ATTiny85 myself. I didn't get an opportunity to see the slack videos. However I get where you're going with the RF, given the correct wire length you could receive an appropriate signal on a given frequency to kick a script off.  That is a smart way to employ an RF field on a basic chip set.  Sounds like the O.MG is running a esp variant, 8266 or a 32?

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Yep, the resonance of the wire length is what is used for a very primitive RF trigger on DemonSeed EDU. The data passthrough technique will be using a trick that completely violates the USB spec as well 🙂The idea with the DemonSeedEDU kit is to stretch every little bit out of the little ATTiny that you can while adding as few external components as possible. It gets you thinking about how to leverage everything at your disposal when thinking about malicious implants. Hardware implants usually encounter all kinds of odd constraints that force you to think about making things work in ways that "you aren't supposed to". 

The O.MG Cables take that same line of thinking (stretch every bit you can out of the hardware) but using much more powerful hardware and component layouts that are extremely hard to work on by hand. The O.MG Keylogger Cable pushes things even more.  When I first started the O.MG project, I planned on it being a DIY thing... but the complexity of it quickly exploded the more we managed to stretch things. I can hand build a full DemonSeed in maybe 20min (soldering components to PCB, inserting it into a cable, etc). When I was fully hand building the original O.MG prototypes for Defcon 2019, it took me at least 4 hours per cable. So now we just keep pushing the limits on something that doesn't have to be DIY hardware. Though, I will say that getting these things "mass produced" has been a huge part of the challenge too. And yeah, the various O.MG Cables currently utilize espressif for radio comms, so you get full 802.11 that lets you push data back and forth. Heck, there is an entire web server inside the cable. The board was designed from the ground up. I used a PCB mill in my garage for the first few months of prototype revisions.

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The omg cable does it rely on the community to make payloads for it or are there payloads already made? 

I ask because with the wifi pineapple mark 7 I bought it didn't have all the modules the mark6 had because no one in the community ported them over and hak5 said that was up to the community to do that. Because I'm not a programmer yet, I'm learning, I don't know how to do it myself limiting it's functionality. 

I wouldn't want to purchase the omg cable only to find out that I won't be able to get the full use out of it ..now if you provided easy to follow instructions on how to create the payloads or custom scripts etc. Great...like I wish you guys a more detailed and easier set of instructions on how to create modules or port modules over for the mark7 because I'd do it myself....anyway I like the omg cable and plan to buy it but I'd hate to have happen to me with it what happened with my mark7 and end up with the inability to use it to its full potential

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