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"Your Credentials are not valid" As well as "session has Expired"


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I am currently trying to setup the cloud c2 with AWS, and I'm following along with these videos

Video 1 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIpx_ENurLY&t=67s

Video 2 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvFMf9BQLAI&t=124s

Now, I've copied an pasted All of the correct commands to this process, as well as went out of my way to purge the first VM and then create a New one (Ubuntu lts 20. in AWS) And I still run into the same exact issue.

I try to connect to the Ip and then it displays the login page (After I have already put in token, license key, username, and password), And I go to put in the credentials and it gives me an error stating "Your Credentials are not valid" Even though I wrote them down to make sure I didn't get it wrong the second time. I even copy pasted it out of desperation.

If Anyone could assist me in something I could be doing wrong that would be greatly appreciated!

From your friend, Kikuz.



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  1. Delete c2.db
  2. Stop Instance
  3. Start and Connect
  4. Run
    IP=$(curl -s https://checkip.amazonaws.com)

    ./c2_community-linux-64 -hostname $IP
  5. And then go to the login and recreate the account. 

Then, happy connecting devices!

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Hello there I would like to share the fix to this "Your Credentials are Invalid" error:

1) Make sure your service running cloud-c2, EXAMPLE:  sudo systemctl status hak5c2.service (There is plenty info out there on how to create a .service daemon?, I believe that is what is called), make sure to: systemctl stop the service and disable.

2) Go to /home/ubuntu then: ls, you will notice a file called c2.db, proceed to: rm c2.db

3) Start the entire process of setting up cloud-c2  over again... B-)

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