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Buzztime Tablet wipe


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I acquired about 20 buzztime tablets from a remodel of a long closed bar.  Would like to see if they can be wiped and loaded with a base android rom and turned into a regular tablet.

Ive rooted some phones and a switch before but this is above my abilities, especially since its a chinese made tablet (Hung Wei).  

Anyone think they can tackle this?

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Looking at the website and seeing the games they can play, I highly doubt you would be happy with the speed. IMO either open a bar or try to sell them to a bar. These are proprietary devices so they aren't gonna have compatible hardware that would work with just any OS. I doubt Android would have the drivers required and even if they did that thing will be slow, it wasn't designed to surf the net or anything other than to play these low budget proprietary games. You have to remember, these things are handed out to drunk people in bars, they arent gonna put high quality devices into drunk peoples hands. Sell them and buy a real tablet.. just my 2 cents.

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