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I figured out why people like Barak Obama...


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The guys kinda to young imo, I don't think he would make a great president. Yet. Maybe 10 years or so, he needs more expirence. But ironically, that fact that the democrats main runners are a black guy and a women kinda shows how bad the republicans screwed up. (no, its not racist, but high level politics has traditionally been the realm of white middle aged guys. And naturally, it is a good thing that this is changing imo)

I still think Al Gore should do something again, he's definitely come a long way since he was Clinton's vice and it would be nice to have a politician who realizes that melting polar ice caps are a bigger threat than some wanker in a cave in Afghanistan.

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In newsweek they showed all the candidates that are running or might run. Hilary, Obama, Gore... I talked with some older lady here at work and she said that she's never seen these many candidates trying to run for office.

He is definitely younger than the rest. But, who knows really. Did you all see the interview on TDS with some writer and about how she didnt feel he was black?

But really in the end does it really matter? They'll never ever be able to bring about any real change.

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let's be honest, obama is not going to be president any time soon. not cos he wouldn't do a good job. i would put every penny i have on obama doing a better job than bush, but americans, despite how much popular media might tell you otherwise, are REALLY racist. There is no way a black guy is going to be president any time soon. A woman has a better chance. You hear that all you obnoxious whinging feminists, at least you're not black.

(yes, it's true, there are NO black feminists! Feminists are over privileged women from middle class households. They have too much freedom, liberty and prosperity, so in typical female fashion, they just bitch about how bad things are for them. Any black feminists you see are the token black feminists that these women have in their groups so that you don't realise how racist they are)

i think that gore's image has been really badly damaged by all his work on the environment. (i know how bad that sounds, that someone's efforts toward something so noble as trying to save the world for our future generations is actually a bad thing, but it is). Too many people are afraid that they're going to lose their jobs or pay much higher prices for energy as concessions for a greener industry. I believe however that he's the best option for president though.

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