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Idea for a computer card game


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Well, I always like to see 500 rum become a card game that you can play on the computer, either by yourself, Lan, or Wan.

But me, I am no computer programmer, about the only type of computer language that I know is very basic html, but I have been studding a lot on it. (far as I know it seems pretty easy).

But, it was an idea, I figured that most or all are really good at what you all do with your skills, from repair, so hardcore IT.

Well, like a I said, it was just an idea for a computer game.


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I have an Idea, go to your local Barns & Noble, Amazon, or local library, get a book on C, C++, C#, or any other language of your choice, study it, and become semi skilled. Code your game, and release it over the tubes under a GNU license. You learn a new language tat you can use to do other things with, have the game that you want, and another free piece of free software that everyone can enjoy! :-D

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I'd suggest you start out with laying out the rules of the game (both for yourself and potentially others that might want to tacke this). If it's a card game you typically play against other people (unlike, say, Solitaire), write down how the AI would work. What are some of the strategies one can take when playing the game. How difficult would it be for the program to think ahead?

I once tried my hand at a simple game played on paper. It's amazing to see how simple rules can result in horribly complex decisionmaking on the part of the machine.

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Well, that is a lot to think on, I guess I should have made a plan out on paper first before posting a thread. lol

But yes, you both are very right; I need to study a good programming language and more. Play around with some coding and get somewhat good at it.

Then get into the part of make a game. As the one I suggested being made or what not. Yes, I should make out a simple guide line for rules of computer player, LAN players, and even WAN player.

I see that I will have a lot on the plate to see if I can actually go somewhere with this.

Thanks for the support. I will see what I can come up with. <Hopes for luck...lol>

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