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Is it possible to save files to the duck?


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When it comes to email, you aren't restricted to Gmail only. Any smtp based email delivery should work.

As far as I know, you have to go with an alternative firmware for the Ducky to be able to store files on the Ducky SD card. The original firmware is read only in "attack mode". Check the article linked below from Null Byte, it's a bit aged, but gives a hint of what might be needed.


As an alternative, it's possible to use an ordinary USB flash drive attached to the same computer as the Ducky, but that is kind of a gamble since you most often don't have a clue of how the USB flash drive is enumerated by the OS, i.e. what drive letter (for Windows) that it will eventually get.

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Thanks so much for the reply I appreciate it!
I'm going to order the ducky as the first tool and do a lot of experiments with it.
From your writing it seems that you are a veteran in the field, do you know of a script that sends xl files via email? I found a script for PDF and a TXT files 
But I did not find one that is specific for XL

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No one is a veteran when it comes to the CyberSec area of expertise :-) It's an ever changing profession that never rests, so in that aspect it doesn't matter how many years you have in your backpack. Of course, it's an advantage to know a bit of many things, but there are others that are far more skilled than I am.

So, with that said, if I would buy some Hak5 device myself, I would rather go with the Bash Bunny instead of the USB Rubber Ducky. The Ducky is cheaper and can be more "stealth", but the Bunny is more powerful and versatile and easier to use in my point of view.

If you by XL mean Excel files such as xls/xlsx, I can't really see any big difficulty in adjusting the script you have found to take care of those kinds of file types as well. It should only be a matter of changing "pdf" and "txt" to "xls" and/or "xlsx". It's a bit difficult to say though without seeing the script itself and what it is actually doing.

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