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Node Server Protection For Web Game?


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I am writing my own web game as I learn web programming.
For the next version I am moving most the code to a server.
This is the first time I am writing a server from scratch.

Using a Node server with Express and Sockets stacked in as the frame work.

What are tricks I can use to prevent malicious players from hacking the server?

Right now I am enclosing all incoming data in {} brackets and nothing gets ran without a 'typeof' verification that it is of the correct datatype.
No functions are being passed as data types so anything that returns as a typeof == 'function' gets scrapped.

Only after code that passes all my verifications and gets through proper processing returning the correct type of data gets transferred out of the {} fields.


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Oh that's incredible. I always have the affinity for people who go out of their way to give the people what they want in terms of a great gaming experience. Good for you man, and I cant wait to see your game seen in the best places where I can buy it for any platform that I own or will buy just to play your video game.

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