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Hi All,

ok me and a bunch of friends are trying to do some administration at our faculty with the permission of the dean of the faculty.

wt we are intending to do is making the Network more usable and Efficient like making a Students Portal, Email Server, Proxy (to control the downloads and the websites), Firewall, VPN, Students Space and etc....

i guess it would take like decades to do but we really need it to be finished by the end of next month ( i guess capable with help)

what am asking about, do any1 has the design in mind to help us with, Aslo what would be the best Linux Distro. to use on a Server having all the above services, and Off course secure enough for a Faculty.

we want to administrate like 200+ PC on the network with Different Specs and Functionality (some are Labs and others are Employees others mustnt have Internet Access)

Making in Consideration that we are managing Wireless Access Points too so that only pple who pay to use it are allowed to be in and having access and without using wep keys for sure.

Any help Please regarding any of the things mentioned up there :D:D ? :idea: 8) :lol:

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While this is the noob answer, it's one option, and I believe is the optimum between cost, speed of setup and ease of setup.

I suggest you at least consider one of Astaro's black box devices. This will at least cover all the internet related stuff.

For file serving and stuff like that, FreeBSD is the shit ;)

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centos, is good. run squid proxy server, iptables firewall, email check out scalix community edition if it needs to be free, openvpn for the vpn, nfs or samba for the user shares

you can control the Internet access via squid acl's, or if this box will be the gateway for the network just add a deny rule in the firewall for those pc's.

you could also use ubuntu server

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if you want free with decently long term updates I would go with centos, it is a rhel clone without the red hat support, other options would be gentoo debian slack or one of the bsd's, with what you are trying to do, I would go with the more stable distros and shy away with anything bleeding edge

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FreeBSD or CentOS. And avoid bleeding edge stuff. Might be best to keep a bunch of test servers around as well. The latest versions of PHP have caused me nothing but trouble on FreeBSD 6.2, in one instance it even took out perl, rendering the system useless.

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