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DuckTool kit setup help

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Hi, I am trying to use the ducktool kit setup and I don’t know what to put for the usb title where it automatically say f:/. do I change that to the name of my usb? Does it download it onto the ducky? I also tried the email way and had no luck. Some one help I’m stuck and a complete beginner. 


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If you use the standard Hak5 firmware (and not any of the alternative firmwares around for the Ducky) then you cannot write data to the flash memory of the Ducky. It's read only when inserted into the Ducky. You have to supply an alternative USB memory device if selecting the "Save To USB" option in the Duck Toolkit. To send the report (or whatever) using the email option, you need access to an smtp service to get it all to work. The Ducky won't supply this for you.

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