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Alternative ARMING Script

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Is there an exit in the owl framework that would allow an alternative arming script, I would like an arming script that rather than to create an access point, it connects to my local WIFI and starts a sshd servce, so that I can connect to it from a host on my network. 

I can see where the alarming code is called, but I don’t see an obvious override. 


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No it doesn’t have to be in the arming mode. After I posted the question, I thought about an extension would probe and connect if available to an arming network, otherwise continue with the attack script. Thank you for confirming that idea. This also leaves the default arming as a back door should it be needed to recover.


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Yes, I agree to your thoughts on having Arming Mode as a way to recover. If one messes around with Arming Mode, it might end up in a Owl that gives you problems. Better to leave it "as is". You can get at least some inspiration from the Owl script/payload example that I have on my GitHub. It connects to a known network if available, otherwise it goes on doing any attack set up in Attack Mode.


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