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Palm Treo 650, 700P, 755P Old Dude wants his old phones


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So I had a bad run in the last few months with phones. When Asurion tells me my deductible is $190.00 to repair my screen I flipped out. SO I go dig up my old treos and find out I cant use them. Now i'm really flipping out, Yes I can afford a new phone I have chosen to run on Pixel for now, I refuse to eat from the evil apple.  I have already ordered my new screen to instal myself. However I am now obsessively trying to find a use for my old treo's. I found a old article posted from here, I do not need a universal remote. I use Verizon temporarily at this point because all three are Verizon locked phones. I called customer support and battled for three days and was told that they would not help me unlock them even though they won't activate on the network. That's my rant, please if any one has a Idea on what I can use them for i would be grateful, my Wife has repeatedly told me paper weight so please don't. my 10 year old thinks bookends would look cool. Also I do not want to pay someone to unlock them. Push come to shove I will disassemble and part it out. But I do not like that I can even make walkie talkies because there locked.


Thank you  

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