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On-Site Implant: USB wall charger with wifi backdoor access?


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Hi all, I'm looking for a device very similar to the Lan Turtle of Packet Squirrel and I was wondering if anything out there exists already or of I should make one myself. Here's how it would work:

- Looks like a USB wall charger or a simple wall adapter plug

- On initial boot it goes into AP mode and exposes some method of configuration (eg via a bash shell or HTTP API)

- You can configure it to automatically join the target's wifi network on boot (This requires you to have the credentials)

- To attack, just plug it in and enjoy a reverse VPN into the target network.

- Could be combined with a microphone for remote eavesdropping.


Is there anything out there like this?

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Well, I'm thinking that it would be hard to implement in something as small as a charger.

But, built into a powerstrip, sure.

Something like gumstix embedded boards can do that, or raspberry PI Zero W. There's even a Kali image for Zero W, to make it easy to build.

The microphone bug, is something else. You "could" find schematics for small RF bugs, or buy them, they are pretty cheap to make. For recieving and recording, use a phone, or use private out-of-band frequencies on a HackRF. The trouble is, that this is illegal to do. Most countries outlaw transmitting on out-of-band frequencies, and limit transmitting power, so for any kind of long range reception, it becomes impossible.

It's in the "possible", but at the same time, it's in the "just don't" category 🙂


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I've documented my "USB Charger Router" on my GitHub, check the link out:


It offers an AP using OpenWRT and when connected to the wireless network, it's of course possible to SSH into it as well as using the LuCI web gui that comes with OpenWRT. It is possible to configure it to join an already existing wireless network that can automatically be connected to when starting the device. In its current configuration, it doesn't have any reverse VPN, but it's pretty easy to add using an OpenVPN-AS to create a "bridge" into the device from a remote location. The microphone functionality is not available, but could be solved since the hardware used allows USB attached audio devices. It gets a bit bulky though, so it's not fitted in "my" device. With another case/charger, it could be done.

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