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Is the tool still relevant today?


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Hi friends I am really new in this world, I started some courses in ethical hacking/pen testing and I wanted to expand my experience with this some hak5 tools and I wanted to know if it is still relevant today after so many years?
Is he still carrying out attacks in a smart and effective way?
I would love to hear opinions and reviews

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1 hour ago, Da31 said:

I was going to ask if these tools are relevant today in 2020(:

Ah, that list need to be updated.

There is a new pineapple with USB-C. Just updated few weeks ago. there is few more.


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add the list.
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Thank you very much!
I found this post and saw that there is an interesting and quite relevant discussion about the rubber ducky, Is it okay to ask you what you think about its relevance today? Does Windows Defender really detect it?
There is an experiment in the course I am in that I am interested in trying and I want to choose the right tool for it 🙂

Thank you a lot in advance and have a great week

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I don't have a ducky, but I really don't think that the ducky itself gets detected.

Is it relevant? Depends on what you want to do. It still works as good as it did 8 years ago, but it definitly got harder to make it useful these days.

If I were you,  I would buy a BashBunny, which has a lot more functionalities.

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I appreciate your answer, I am trying to do research to know which of the products is good for me (I am in a pen testing course) and it is very confusing because many products are already considered "old" and I am not sure which one to choose.
Have you purchased The Bash Benny and can you tell me about your experience with him?

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Jep the Bash Bunny was the first tool I've bought from hak5. I still use it today and I still love it. It's very useful and you can do all kinds of pentests with it. It's the best Hak5 tool imo.

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11 hours ago, Puttyhead said:

in 2023 it has been out of stock for 6 months

Ugh.. Why did you have to bump an old thread? Just to say this ⬆️

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