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A bunch of wifi names.


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Crazy thing, not sure if I’m super paranoid since I just watched the movie sinister on Netflix but I’ve noticed a ton of new wifi names when searching for connections. I have my own but since I recently got the new mark vll I’ve been doing a ton of scanning around and finding a ton of new wifi names. Now I’ve search connections in the past and I would only get a handful but now I can scroll and scroll a ton and these shits have random names the first one i saw was “cougarcottage  “ and thought that’s the funniest shit ever lol. But now there’s more like “me” “allister” like a ton just random. Could there someone making all these so people can fall for them an connect? I have my pineapple set up also but now I see my pineapples name let’s says it’s “abc” now I see “abc” and “Abc” both unlocked and for sure I have mine hidden and password protected to connect and the open one disabled.  This might sound like the dumbest shit ever lol but hey what do you guys think. Someone out there making a ton of these ssids. Should I make one asking something and see if they reply? 

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