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No internet on the wifi pineapple tetra


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Hi, I have a problem with my wifi pineapple tetra.
I want to connect the tetra to the internet via my router.
on the tetra i want to use the eth0 port via an utp cable, but when i connect the pineapple to my router via the utp cable it has no internet.
What am I doing wrong?
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Do you experience the same problem as described in your post from the 3rd of January?

According to the Tetra documentation, the WAN port should be eth0, not the LAN port. You say in the first post in this thread that you want to use eth0 for WAN/internet access but in the second post in this thread you say that the LAN port is eth0 which makes it all a bit confusing. LAN should normally be on eth1 on the Tetra.

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