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I can't seem to get NETMODE DHCP_SERVER to work on my Shark Jack in Attack Mode. Even with the simplest payload script, nothing happens when connecting it to a device. I've tried with several different PCs but no success at all for some strange reason. No link and no IP address received.

The equivalent feature works perfectly well in Arming Mode though. I.e. I get an IP address assigned from the Shark Jack when connecting it to a PC.

The Shark Jack runs the latest firmware (1.1.0)


It seems as if Arming Mode uses dnsmasq and Attack Mode uses odhcpd. Since Arming Mode works and Attack Mode doesn't, perhaps something is not all well with the implementation of odhcpd. There seems to be differences in how DHCP is implementedĀ when comparing the 8 months old code for NETMODE that is available on Hak5 GitHub and the code that is implemented on the Shark Jack in my possession. The older GitHub code seems to use dnsmasq (just as my current Arming Mode seems to do), but looking into the /usr/bin/NETMODE file of my Shark Jack tells me that odhcpd is supposed to be used, but... not working as it seems.

Edit - "the sequel":

OK, I'm talking to myself here šŸ˜‰Ā I ditched the original NETMODE file in /usr/bin and modified itĀ using the function from the NETMODE file that is available on Hak5 GitHub that uses dnsmasq and that seems to do the job. It works as intended using dnsmasq. This leads me to two conclusions; the first one is that there must be something wrong with the odhcpd implentation, and the second one is that thereĀ can't be many (if any) that has used NETMODE DHCP_SERVER for quite a while šŸ˜‰Ā So, reverting to dnsmasq for now and hoping for some correction of the use of odhcpd. I have spoken... (oh no, yet another &#%!Ā that thinks he's cool after watching The Mandalorian :-) )


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