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56 minutes ago, drforbin said:

It seems they are just ignoring us.

Very disappointing.

I think that he's looking at the code and patching it and maybe testing it out.. 🤷


But I don't know.

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On 9/27/2020 at 12:53 AM, drforbin said:

What about the problems with client speed slowdown etc.

This thing is not working properly

Same problem here with the client slowdown.  I also have problems with old ssid leaks as discussed in another thread.   I am confident Hak5 and the community will resolve these issues.  I am still proud of my new MK7 even though I can't really use it right now.  I know its going to be awesome.  Just gotta give it some time to work out the bugs but I am really antsy like everyone else wanting to put this to good use.

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Im still fairly new to the WifiPineapple Mark Vii. I currently have Version 1.1.1 and have an issue with the PineAP daemon. Whenever it is off and I only have "Allow Associates" active, Clients are able to connect. However I would like to try to use the broadcast SSID feature. When I turn on PineAP and check on Beacon response, Capture SSID, and Broadcast SSID it will broadcast and capture SSIDs but will no longer allow my clients to connect to any of them that are broadcasted. The moment I turn it off PineAP my clients can connect but only through Associates. Really wanna get it working. I have double checked the filter settings and watched a lot of videos and still cannot seem to find a solution unfortunately. 

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