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Left Running 24hrs; 'Error Cannot allocate memory'


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Set MK7 up a few days ago, have been playing / testing, created and executed an Aggressive Campaign actively processing devices, connections, etc

Left device active approx 24 hrs overnight, Woke up to several errors today. Reboot did not clear anything

  • Management Access Point | fork/exec /sbin/uci: cannot allocate memory
  • WiFi Pineapple Diagnostics | fork/exec /etc/pineapple/diagnostics.sh: cannot allocate memory
  • etc

Unable to perform diagnostics, logs, anything, any assistance is appreciated. I do have SSH, GUI, and USB access

Have not processed thousands of devices, approx 100 : Latest Overview 108 APs / 3 Unassociated / 4 Associated

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I don't have an newer version of the pineapple yet. So I don't know if there is help area of the interface has grab everything information button..


Plus it's allmost 2am here.

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Update: finally processed Beta install 1.0.1. Installation of the beta channel factory reset device, reloaded configurations, no longer seeing the cannot allocate memory any further.

Seems a factory reset did the trick, more so updating to Beta channel. Thanks all!



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