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scenario loot a mac and then set & scan

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I am a network engineer and sharky is a great tool for me.

So i think about, how to easily check security in an 802.1x landscape, where often MAC auth is used with legacy or cheap devices like printers.

The idea is, plug in, check, and report.


At the moment i try to do the following:

- first connect to a client device -> i use a printer or VoIP phone

- read the connected MAC adress

- set the looted macadress for the sharkjack

- connect the sharky to the wallsocket and the entire network

- scan with nmap for other devices in the same subnet as i get an ip adress by DHCP


Does anyone has a similar project?


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Try the payload script on my GitHub repo. Note that the NETMODE file needs to be adjusted.


And... I always get chills down my spine when 802.1X and MAC authentication is mentioned in the same sentence, but that's another discussion 😉

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