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Amazon ethernet detected BUT not working??


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Hi all

so I plugged my amazon basic usb ethernet into the P7 usb port and  it's detected but not working?  I plugged it into my router ( assigning dhcp 192.168.1.n range) BUT no lights.


If I look in SETTINGS usb  I see

bus 001

device 005

vid/pid  0b95:1790

asix electronic corp  AX88179 gigabit ethernet

There are NO lights lit on the USB ethernet on the P7 BUT it works fine on my Lenovo X1 carbon.

What am I missing here? 



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3 hours ago, exec4 said:

What does dmesg tell, after plugging in?

Does it show up on "ifconfig"?

What does "lsusb" tell?

Hi again exec4

I'm getting WORSE. I am so sorry NOT to have done this analysis before. I have attached the basic output of dmesg ( USB ONLY) and ifconfig with before and after runs. I can't see it if it is there. thanks for the interest and if you have any other things I can try please advise.

p7 ether.txt

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6 minutes ago, Foxtrot said:


1.0.0 doesn't ship with the driver for the ASIX AX88179, however, I've just added it into 1.0.1 for when it is released (shortly, hopefully), and thus 1.0.1 will add support for your Amazon USB-Ethernet adapter.

thank you so much @Foxtrot  I'm having some difficulty with my new P7 set up and ANY help is very welcome. 

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