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SSID Filter resets after some time


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Steps to reproduce:

  • Pineapple Version 1.0.0
  • Connect to Pineapple via "Management Access Point"
  • Connected Pineapple to WiFi for "Wireless Client Mode"
  • Make a recon scan (30 sec)
  • Add unwanted SSIDs & Clients to the Filter
  • Go to the PineAP Filters and set both to deny (SSIDs & Client MACs are shown)
  • Configure PineAP on Advanced (Turn everything on. Leave both Intervals on "Normal". Leave Target & Source MAC (because im not too sure what they do.))
  • Hit Save
  • Wait



PineAP seems to do it's thing. It adds the filtered SSIDs to the Pool. The logs show the Filtered SSID's being Broadcasted. After some time, they vanish from the filter.



Is this normal behavior? Is this due to the "Capture SSIDs to Pool" checkbox?

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