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PKMID Attack with Pineapple Mark VII?


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10 minutes ago, NoPineapplePizza said:

Anyone able to help me through the PKMID Attach with a Pineapple Mark  VII?   Tried instructions for the Nano here, but was unable to install hcxtools.  Thanks!


Sorry  PMKID attack.

10 minutes ago, NoPineapplePizza said:



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The link you mentioned is a bit outdated, its no surprise it wont work. I don't own a mark 7, cant make a detailed tutorial. 

hcxpcaptool -z test.16800 test.pcapng 

This wont work as it was an older script. A good example is:

hcxpcapngtool -o test.22000 test.pcapng

use hcxpcapngtool -h for more info.. 

The hashcat command should also be changed of course, use hashcat -h to learn more.

Best of luck


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I got hcxdumptool installed just fine. The rest of the install throws an error about unknown package "hcxtools" but all you really need is the dumptool on the pineapple.  You can process the output on another computer where the full suite is installed anyway.

Here's what I did if anyone really needs to know.

Make sure that your pineapple has an internet connection.

SSH into your pineapple

ssh root@

Download and install Git cuz it's not present on the pineapple. Then download the OpenWRT hcxtools package maintained by @Zylla

(githubuser adde88). Finally use the included install script after CDing into the new install directory. 

opkg install git git-http

git clone https://github.com/adde88/hcxtools-hcxdumptool-openwrt.git

cd hcxtools-hcxdumptool-openwrt



Try it out with something like:

hcxdumptool -o output.pcapng -i wlan1 -t 5 --enable_status=3

I'm trying to write this from memory so please correct me if I hiccuped anywhere.

Edited by whizdumb
Added git-http package to opkg.
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