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Kismet Case & Directions


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Instructions for assembling the Kismet MK7 special edition case are on the Kismet site at: https://kismetwireless.net/mk7-kismet-case/

You can also find a 3d STEP model and a 2d DXF drawing of the mk7 PCB on the site & attached here; they were created via measuring so may not be perfectly accurate, but should be very close (and were used to make the acrylic case).

mk7pcb.dxf mk7pcb.step

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The Kismet Case Mod has not been available and not sure if it ever will be again.

Figured next best thing would be to pick up the Kismet LED Mod & print a 3rd party case (https://github.com/kismetwireless/cases/tree/main/hak5-pineapple-mk7) without realizing I'd need some parts from the official (non-available) mod - 😑

Any advice on where I can get some of the hardware needed?

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Note that the case in that directory isn't 3D Printed, but laser cut from acrylic instead. The files in the mk7-tactical directory are though, and the README.md in there states:



4x M5 10-16mm bolts

The exact length is not vital.

4x M5 heat-set inserts

Any insert with an approximately 7mm outer diameter will work.

4x M3 5mm screws

(Optional) 1 inch webbing

(Optional) 3 Short antennas

For the acrylic case though, it comes with 4 M2.5x8's, 4 M2.5x10's, and 4 hex standoffs.

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